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Lakaran Zunar semasa didalam Lokap Polis...

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Info : Touch 'n' Go Card You Must Know... ~ malaysiakini

Dear Friends,

I recently lost my T n Go Card & when I reported to the sales office; following r important hints you hv to know:

1.) Save the T n G tel.: 03-76285115 in your H/P. Also the Mfg # for their references; this # U can get it frm the receipt when U top up your Card.

2.) Tel the Co. asap when u found your Card lost in order to STOP the founder keep on using your card. They will then ask U to fax them a letter as an official cancellation of your card. Any RM$ balance will then send it back to U. The fax No. is 03-76285100.

3.) Started frm 1/4/09, there will be NO more Pg Bridge discount Card issuing to " Pg. Lang ". That means once U lost your card, U R no more enjoying the Rm 5.60 to cross the Bridge.  Therefore, SAFE keep your present OLD Card & U can save the $ esp. those hv to cross the Bridge Daily.

4.) If U know that your Card is coming to 10 years old, immediately go to the sales office (beside the Pg. bridge toll) to UP-DATE your Card.  Otherwise u will find the trouble to JAM in between the T n G toll that waste much of your time to reverse out the Q. Because your Card don't allow U to cross the toll (how SMART is the card & how FOOLISH is the Systems Designed), that's all.

If U love your friends, kindly pass on to them.

- usefull info had received from email...


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TQ so much on behalf of TOUCH n GO.
TNG Staff.

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