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Lakaran Zunar semasa didalam Lokap Polis...

Dr. Danial : Isu Non Muslim Masuk Masjid

Dr. Asri : Isu Non Muslim Masuk Masjid


Calon BN P44 P.Pauh ada PhD betoi ka??

"I cut and paste part of article dari Malaysiakini.

Please check Ariff Shah Calon UMNO di Permatang Pauh ni betul ke buat PhD.

Atau ini jenis PhD yang ramai artis2 di Malaysia dapat. Sekarang ni ramai artis dah ada PhD. Entah bila lah mereka ni sweat it out buat PhD.

An Old Timer: I read in one of the local papers that the BN candidate for Permatang Pauh, Arif Shah has a diploma in civil engineering from Grabel International and is currently pursuing a Ph.d from Edison University of Technology.

I did a quick Internet search and could not find any information on either of the institutions.
Could it be that Grabel International is one of those unaccredited private colleges located in one those shophouses in Chow Kit Road and could it be that Edison University of Technology one of those many diploma mills churning out Bachelors, Masters and Phd degrees at prices ranging from US$100 to US$1,000?

I believe Permatang Pauh voters want to know the truth about this guy's real academic qualifications for they want their MP to be honest with himself and the public.

If one does not have any real diploma or degree, just honestly say so. (maklumat yang di email..)

- dari blog chegubard

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